Quality Assurance

Linda Pryor

Linda Pryor, Quality Assurance Manager

The word “audit” strikes fear in the heart of many people. Not at Universal Lending. We love the work our auditors do, because they make sure we are following company policy, agency regulations and state and federal regulations. In other words, our auditors protect us from our mistakes.

Our auditing team takes a fine-tooth comb to our loans. They make sure the data collected is accurate, and that nothing was missed by underwriting, processing or in other steps along the way.

This last set of eyes on a loan means that we can resolve issues long before anyone gets to the closing table.

And to make sure that we are always on top of our game, our team audits a minimum of 10 percent of our closed loans to confirm, again, that all of the credit reports, debts that were included, information used by appraisers was accurate. They also review loans specifically for Fannie Mae and Ginnie Mae to ensure they meet agency guidelines.

We police ourselves. We self-report. We dot our I’s and cross our T’s. We hold ourselves accountable. And that makes us a leader in the mortgage lending industry.