Compliance Department

Calvin Ann Evans

Calvin Ann Evans, Compliance Manager

Regulatory changes are common and come quickly in the mortgage lending industry.

Our Compliance Department is run by the most efficient, effective, detail-oriented team – a team that prides itself on their ability to stay current on regulatory changes and ensure all changes are implemented seamlessly at Universal Lending.

Because we stay on top of regulatory changes, our loans go from start to finish quickly, with as little back-and-forth and as few rush requests as are possible in the industry.

Our Compliance team also serves as our “employee police,” making sure that our employees’ license are current, that we are all doing our jobs in accordance to state and federal laws, and that we are educated, knowledgeable and proactive in meeting all regulatory burdens.

You can be sure that loans from Universal Lending will stand up to any state and federal regulatory scrutiny.

We are proud of our adherence to compliance, as it makes us stand out in the industry. 

Calvin Award1

Calvin Ann Evans received the 2015  prestigious Boucher Award! This honor is awarded by the Colorado Mortgage Association, who recognizes individual excellence and service to the mortgage lending industry. Past recipients of this award have included MBA President Dave Stevens, Governor Bill Owens, and Attorney General Ken Salazar. Congratulations Calvin!